Fine Art

Holy Trinity SE20

Do you remember the days of cutting up photographs to the nearest micron and then putting the pieces back together again? Well, I did exactly that — and for my degree show images! In those days, 2004 to be exact, there was Photoshop 7.0. Although I had the software I did not know how to use it properly, saving everything as a psd! How times have changed!  Today, I am shaking hands with the (almost) latest image manipulation software.

Some historical church buildings are so photogenic, and Holy Trinity SE20 is no exception. Once I made the capture with my DSLR, the image was transformed into a quadrature* using Photoshop. To finish, a painterly surround was added.

*Definition of quadrature:


mass noun

The process of constructing a square with…


Mid 16th century (as a mathematical term): from Latin quadratura ‘a square, squaring’, from quadrare…

Holy Trinity SE20