THE Season #5

Dear Michael

Thank you for your poems. I particularly enjoyed the Alternative Three Wise Men. I am sure it will much hilarity in Heaven.



Mary Gill, Croydon Poetry Hour

What’s the difference between a turkey, a stork and The Dove?

Jesus Poetry

THE Season #4


In two days’ time…

*| A poem *|


THE Season #3

God is with us


Come, Emmanuel, Meet Us

A carol




THE Season #2

A composition for winter


Sleigh Ride


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Jesus poetry

THE Season #1


A poem for the start of Advent

Fine Art

16th Annual Exhibition

Don’t miss it!

Fine Art


Announcing: The Anna Lovely Gallery


All welcome!

100 Artists | 100 Artworks

For nine days starting today, Friday 2nd September, the show will run.

Last year, for the first time, I submitted an entry – and won best in category.

This year my entry is:

The Queen And Two Princesses

About the piece:

A composed photograph of Holy Trinity SE20, a church building in Penge, London was abstracted in Photoshop. An award-winning laboratory in Scotland made the image photometallic and added a 6mm acrylic facemount – an absolute essential – effectively doubling the visual quality.

This is luxury art.


In Search Of The 32

Ludwig van Beethoven.

Beethoven’s thirty-two piano sonatas have been called, by a few, the New Testament of solo keyboard music; J.S. Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier, the Old Testament.

Book 1

Let’s get to the matter of the topic: performance. For over thirty years I have been listening to recordings of the 32. Within the music, and between the notes, are essences of Beethoven and his classical/romantic world. Beethoven’s family and family life, and educational development; his forebears and teachers; his own established life as a pianist and composer; antiquity and culture of his time; his muse and acquaintances; even war and politics of his era — all made the man: Beethoven.

Book 2

Beethoven’s early solo keyboard sonatas were written to be played on harpsichord or fortepiano — this includes sonata no. 8, op. 13 named grand sonate  pathétique by the publisher. In my opinion this is because of the soothing, gentle, rocking and emotionally atmospheric elements of the second movement. As harpsichords do not have a sustain pedal, I have played this particular music without pedal — and, to my delight and wonder, it is more poetic. All my sheet music scores shows pedal.

Several years ago I went to Robert Morley & Company based in Lewisham, London looking for a piano. I had a collection of scores as test pieces. Piano after piano were left wanting. And so I took a leap: I tried a piano out of my bracket. It was Beethoven; I heard Beethoven! The piano was a British made Broadwood. Needless to say, Broadwood gave one of their pianos to Beethoven. Could the truth of the 32 be heard in a Broadwood?

Earlier today I received a subscribed email that linked to an article on the thirty-two sonatas. All extracts played on pianofortes. All eminent pianists or musicians with fine interpretations. All Beethoven…?

Michael Bobb – Artist • Author • Occasional Composer

Friday 26th August 2022

This recording includes Sonate Pathétique — without pedal. It is played on an Elysian piano, not a Broadwood. Listen for the poetry… and enjoy the poem!


Elizabeth Windsor

Amen, we say, God bless you, ma’am

Reigning on the throne 70 a yarn

Serving steadfast and steady, and so calm

Our queen has made the record book

All eyes to her this day will look

Celebrate our world-class monarch

Head of the Commonwealth lands

Sovereign of the Garter, and

Supreme Governor of the Church of England

750 holiday cards issued every year

1,500 puddings to employees far and near

Philanthropic activity beyond compare

Her first corgi was called Susan by name

A lover of horses and the equine game

And owns unmarked mute swans on the Thames

Her Royal Highness and Majesty

Is also a lover of photography

And taking pictures of her family

To Scottish dancing she is partial

Hosting balls at Balmoral Castle

And Highland cuisine as traditional

Christmas message broadcast on the day

Telegram message on your 100th birthday

And media message honouring citizens – hooray!

Serving steadfast and steady, and so calm

Reigning on the throne 70 a yarn

Amen, we say, God bless you, ma’am!


‘The Johann Sebastian Bach Limericks’

Music Maestro!

Four short poems about J. S. Bach’s music.

Limerick 1

An ecclesiastical cycle.

J. S. Bach’s Church Cantata oeuvre

Is really quite pious and pure

The melodies are holy

And so are the harmonies

For 3 liturgical calendars, not 4”

So, what is a Cantata? A Cantata is a musical work composed for the voice. It is approximately twenty minutes long with smaller movements for solo voice, chorus and instrumental accompaniment — sometimes all three.

Church Cantatas, aka Sacred Cantatas, are intended to be performed during Christian liturgy.

What is the difference between an Opera and a Cantata? As a Cantata is a vocal work, mainly during the C17th and C18th, an Opera is a theatrical work combining drama, music, song and sometimes dance.

Limerick 2

The Composer’s sewing machine!

Limerick 3

A poem for Count Kaiserling.

Limerick 4

A contemporary instrument of the viola da gamba.

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