Avril’s New Car

When winter comes or comes the rain

Must she rely on bus or train

Or could total independence be her aim?

Whatever the reason, whatever the vein

She had decided, “never again!”

For horses she has bought without their manes

Some call it a car, some call it a wain

Cause SAAB Automobile is its name


As she speeds down the road on the inside lane

With the metal horses she struggles to tame

She almost takes off like a jet aeroplane!

And I hear her friends repeat the heightened refrain

“Look out, it’s that supersonic Avril again

A petrol head with high octane on the brain!”

Using her skill she avoids the bus and the crane

With a hand break turn that is far from plain 


Then, one day, her car begins to complain

A flat battery, worn clutch — oh what a pain

And escalating running costs she cannot explain

On her pocket this is an unforeseen drain

Whatever the hardship, whatever the strain

Avril’s enthusiasm does not dwindle or wane

The love for her car is absolute and it shall remain

An so shall the queen of the highways reign

Car 1

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Michael Bobb

May 2019


This Is The Month — Eastertide

This is the month

When they say that it rains and pours

Down come the showers

From heaven’s open doors


But in-between the cascades

There are beams of sunlight 

Shining through clouds

Heavy laden and fluffy white


This is the month

When the daylight grows longer and longer

With the sun rising earlier

And setting later and later


There is also a change

In the quality of light visible in the atmosphere

This phenomenon only happens

Once in the northern hemisphere 


This is the month

When spring is well and truly here 

It’s time for leaping of the lamb

And the young deer


Buds are prising open

Seeds and bulbs germinate

O, the splendour

Of nature’s natural nascency about this date


This is the month

That brings high tides to our shores

As the moon orbits closer

And waxes more and more


These signs are where

The Jewish people take their Passover

And from where Christians

Take the major holiday called Easter


There is nothing like Eastertide

Celebrating a fantastic event

It happened 2000 years ago

And I, in a sense, was present


The most spectacular display

Of God’s agape love

Crucifixion and Resurrection

The only plan from above


On a Friday God laid sin on His Son

The sin of men nailed to a cross

He crucified the sinless Lamb

And took away our dross


On a Sunday Christ is raised

And we are raised with Him

This same Resurrection Power —

The Spirit —is at work within


And now we can live righteously

The old has gone, the new has come

Spreading the Good News Gospel

Of what Jesus Christ has done

Happy Easter!

Click here for ‘This Is The Month — Eastertide’ a musical poem

Michael Bobb
April 2019


The Ultimate Renewed Environment

At the end of time

When the new order has begun

And everything as we know it

Has been changed in the twinkling of an eye


And the elements have been burned up

Incinerated in a pure cleansing fire

And after the great conflagration

The cosmos that is left will be perfect


We will dance on streets of transparent gold

Bathe in a crystal river that is full of joy

Eat new fruit from a new special tree

And see with light not from the sun but The Son


The gravity inherent in nature and matter

Will be controlled at one’s own will

Even infinity will be multiplied by itself

And we will explore, and explore, and explore


…No longer will we recycle…

…No longer will we re-use…

…No longer will we conserve…

…No longer will we repair…


…And this will be for longer

Than anyone can calculate or imagine


Click here for ‘The Ultimate Renewed Environment’ musical poem

Michael Bobb

January, 2019


Gone Fishing

It’s 3:15 am and I’ve just packed my lunch and kit

The predictive seaweed looks clammy as I check it

The shipping forecast confirms, rain is on the way

And hovering around minus two for most of the day


I set out to the lake, about two hours drive

I am alone today without my friend Clive

As I arrive it’s raining and the wind has picked up

So I set my kit in place and pour my first cup


I sit back in the cold chair, chill out and wait

Will any fish like my fly today, and take to the bait?

My round score on the last few occasions

Has been zero, zilch, nothing to mention


But I keep coming back hoping for a bite

Day after day, and night after night

With hook, line and sinker cast in the water

Who knows, maybe one day I’ll catch that whopper


It’s about this time I notice my cold hands and feet

So on goes the gas fire and I enjoy a little heat

When the weather is grey, wet and freezing

Just wrap up warm when you go fishing


The time now is about quarter to two

So I unwrap my sarnies and pour another brew

Only another couple of hours and I’ll call it a day

And brag to Clive about the one that got away

f 'n' c 2

Click here for ‘Gone Fishing’ the musical poem

Michael Bobb

November, 2018


Dear Maiden

Fair Maiden

easter bonnet 3

Dear Maiden

Fair Maiden

As sweet as a ripened pear


Dear Maiden

Fair Maiden

With miles and tons of flair


Dear Maiden

Fair Maiden

Whose presents charms the air


Dear Maiden

Fair Maiden

Whose finery is common ware


Dear Maiden

Fair Maiden

With rich flowing hair


Dear Maiden

Fair Maiden

With eyes crystal clear


Dear Maiden

Fair Maiden

Whose likeness is quite rare


Dear Maiden

Fair maiden

Cosmopolitan, compassionate and cares


Dear Maiden

Fair Maiden

Who soothes the tragic king Lear


Dear Maiden

Fair Maiden

Troubadours play faint everywhere


Dear Maiden

Fair Maiden

Whose beauty brings a tear


Dear Maiden

Fair Maiden

Silences the gloomy soothsayer


Dear Maiden

Fair Maiden

As fresh as the New Year


Dear Maiden

Fair Maiden

To my heart is very near


Michael Bobb

January, 2019

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Mr Spock and the Lost Left Sock

Fiddly, Fiddly Mr Spock

Up and down the road he ran

Looking for his lost left sock

Knitted by his dear old Nan


It has tassels and conker size knots

Is a bit smelly and very, very old

It is green with pink and yellow spots

And ventilation holes, so I’m told


Could Captain Kirk have hidden it?

Or Scotty used it to gain warp factor speed?

Or Bones made it into liquid chemicals

To inject into the Klingons spleen?


“I’ve found it, I’ve found it!”

Comes Mr Spock’s cry

Lieutenant Uhura has used it

To make cheese and onion pie


Mr Spock’s belly rumbles

As he spies the culinary delight

But Chekov quickly snatches it

And tucks in with 3 or 4 bites


Mr Spock is speechless

And finds it hard to believe

So he puts his thumb into his mouth

And sobs on Zulu’s sleeve


Just another day on the Starship Second Prize

Tomorrow’s episode promises more

As they continue on their great commission

To boldly go where no man has gone before


Click here for ‘Mr Spock…’ a musical poem

Michael Bobb

November, 2018



A Natural Virtuoso!

Just a few words I’ve penned over tea

That I hope will warm your heart and bless

Who in all the wide-world could it be?

An appreciative music lover no less


Keep on practicing the art and playing

Scales, broken chords and the arpeggio

And soon the classical fraternity will be saying

She is, without doubt, a natural virtuoso!


Her recordings are transcendent and evocative

The CDs in you hifi will transform your day

Listen to the exquisiteness from octave to octave

Gently close your eyes and be carried far away

BWV 565

In her playing are ravishing splendid moments

Her touch cannot be in any way surpassed

Every bar conveys consistent commitment

The notes she floats in your ears will last


Her filigree technique is flawless

The critics say, “100% panache”

The interpretations are understated yet fresh

Crescendos have plenty of style and dash


Her concert hall performances causes stomping

She charms the keyboard with unfailing eloquence

Box offices are sold out within hours of opening

The experience is worth more than pounds and pence

Fur Elise

Her lasting impression you cannot erase

Whatever the chosen style or enharmonic keys

Stay and linger on every dripping phrase

Oh the aural delight as she caresses the keys


Unforgettable is the rarefied pianistic alchemy

I’m captivated by this musical don

Aficionados far and wide all plea

“If music be the food of love play on”

John Broadwood Piano

Click here for ‘A Natural Virtuoso!’ a musical poem

Michael Bobb

August  2018



My Peace

🍊  Before my eyes open in the morning

      At the instance of submerging from sleep

      Even before I am aware of anything external

      I experience something so powerful and so deep


🍋  My eye lids slowly open from their rest

      And I extend one arm to test the air

      Whatever my sense of touch detects

      My internal peace is always there


🍌  It’s the start of a brand new day

      I rise and prepare for its future

      Knowing this peace will not be fazed

      Because it is an inexhaustible treasure


🍉  To try and explain its presence in me

      Would be like trying to describe the indescribable

      You have to be inside my skin to know

      And that would be impossible


🍇  This peace is from God and it guards me

      Jesus left it here 2000 years ago

      The first to have it were the Disciples

      A special gift which you can know


🍓  Sometimes you can see it in my eyes

      Or hear it behind my voice

      It has something of eternal life in it

      And inwardly I choose to rejoice


🍈  All pain is denied at the door

      Situations and circumstances cannot penetrate

      Man tries but cannot touch this core

      Peace is always early and never late


🍒  When the day turns into history

      And I retire in the evening in peace. 

      I rest sweetly on my cosy pillow

      And withdraw my arm back under the sheets


🍑  I gently close my eyes and rest

      And before long I’m fast asleep

      God has been faithful today

      His gift of peace is mine to keep


🍍  This heavenly gift I received was free

      And you can have it with ease

      Give Jesus Christ your entire life

      In return He’ll give you eternal peace

Click here for ‘My Peace’ a musical poem

Michael Bobb

September 2018



The Sky, The Sky

(Sky — part 1 of 3)

The sky, the sky in all its many shades of blue

Spectacled scientists tell us it has to be this hue

Much praise, I think, to them is certainly due


This first poem is dedicated to someone called Huw

A special, dear and loyal friend who has a pet ewe

And I reckon he could be the next Doctor Who

Clouds 2
When I am out and about sometimes I stand (as you do)

Or indoors and pass by a window and look through

I look at the sky, so infinite, so harmonious, so true


I have experienced the sky, and to use words would be words too few

The first and second heavens disappear as I flew

And I discover a place I know but never knew


In this trilogy one more poem follows part two

Then these three will bid you, “farewell, goodbye, adieu”

Leaving you to look at the sky and enjoy the view

Clouds 1

Click here for ‘The Sky, The Sky’ a musical poem

Michael Bobb

July 2018




(Sky — part 2 of 3)

God creates

Heaven, sky

Beasts below

Feathered fly


God exhales

Into man

Adam, Eve

Eden’s jam


Christ descends

Perfect life

Jesus dies

Xtra strife


Jesus lives

Hades coughs

Christ ascends

Far above


Riding clouds

Christ returns

People see

People learn


Souls saved

Death dies

New earth

New sky


Baroque jewels

Gold, jasper

Clear crystal

Life, water


Fruitful tree

People come

Lasting light

Divine home


Jesus weds

Betrothed Church

Spirit calls

Angels search


Omni God

Thrice Una

Alpha and


Alpha & Omega

Click here for ‘GOD CREATES’ a musical poem

Michael Bobb

July 2018



What Is There In All Creation…?

(Sky — part 3 of 3)

What is there in all creation that can compare to the sky?

She, at times, can be quite calm as well as electrifying

Also sometimes conveys sadness and happiness — quite confusing

This is because she is pure and 3 times very high


She has an air of nobility and quality of the highest order 

Affluence, excellence and distinction affirmative, certainly 

Royalty quickly comes to mind, yes aristocracy 

If one were to choose a gem stone it would be blue sapphire


The sky has other qualities too such as eternity

She is all optimistic and invisibly strong

The distance from here to her is never long

She is faithfully associated with Christianity


If you have confidence and a little concentration

If you aim for the sky or go beyond your limit

If you rest assured that the everlasting God is in it

Then contemplating her will satisfy the imagination


Click here for ‘What is There…?’ a musical poem

Michael Bobb

July 2018