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Saint Mark’s Church Bell Tower – Abstraction

Dissertation submitted for the Degree of Photomedia BA (Hons)

Chapter 1 (extract)

Human communication is something that everyone recognises:

“[it] is talking to one another, it is television, it is spreading information, it is our hair style, it is literary criticism: the list is endless.”

(Fiske, 2001:1)

All communication involves signs and codes (more on this later).  In this dissertation communication is seen as the production and exchange of meanings.  Messages, or texts, interact with people in order to produce meanings, i.e.:

“it is concerned with the role of texts in our culture.”

(Fiske, 2001:2)

Therefore, the message or text is an element in a structural relationship whose other elements include external reality and the producer/reader.

“Producing and reading the text are seen as parallel, if not identical, processes in that they occupy the same place in this structured relationship.”

(Fiske, 2001:3)

In history, Church art and design was the pinnacle of human creativity and the inherent message of Christianity was communicated to people who were illiterate or poorly educated.  The arts, including photography, is not restricted by the barriers of communication, and can reach deep into people’s hearts and minds causing an experience of Christianity…

Saint Mark’s Church Bell Tower – Abstraction



Fine Art

The London Metropolis


Early morning on a bright sunny day.

Sun potion and height just right; weather conditions top.

First class vantage point.

The photograph. The shot.

London looks happy… and so does the rest of the world!

Dream, London, dream. If I had a dream / I would dream of…

The London Metropolis

Fine Art

South Norwood Baptist Church

 !taste This ecclesiastical black and white desiGn.

Computerised monochrome in GOTHIC baron flavours. It’s All in the square – action.


Try experiencing this image in a multitude of different ways — any which way you can. Let your imagination be the limit. Jump in and be immersed with thunderous organ music in glorious surround sound for the full effect — the louder, the better. Johann Sebastian Bach’s Passacaglia and Fugue in C minor BWV 582 always reaches parts in other people — just try not to laugh — especially at concerts. Full-stop.

South Norwood Baptist Church Art & Design No. 29

And here are the first few bars of the music to get you in the mood:

Fine Art

Saint Mark’s Church, Bromley

Oh, the wonder of what happens when you press that button: rich hues await in the unexpected world of inversions. One can never know beforehand what one will see — every one is purely unimaginable! Although kaleidoscope apps are available, the art is knowing where to crop — thin air… and breath.

Saint Mark’s Church, Bromley

Fine Art

Holy Trinity SE20

Do you remember the days of cutting up photographs to the nearest micron and then putting the pieces back together again? Well, I did exactly that — and for my degree show images! In those days, 2004 to be exact, there was Photoshop 7.0. Although I had the software I did not know how to use it properly, saving everything as a psd! How times have changed!  Today, I am shaking hands with the (almost) latest image manipulation software.

Some historical church buildings are so photogenic, and Holy Trinity SE20 is no exception. Once I made the capture with my DSLR, the image was transformed into a quadrature* using Photoshop. To finish, a painterly surround was added.

*Definition of quadrature:


mass noun

The process of constructing a square with…


Mid 16th century (as a mathematical term): from Latin quadratura ‘a square, squaring’, from quadrare…

Holy Trinity SE20

Fine Art

You Make Us Look Good

It’s late… very late. It’s so late that it is now morning. Too tired to sleep. Too tired to leave the computer alone. Mind active, very active. There is something in the pixels just waiting… “I’ve got to find it,” I feel, “I will not sleep until I find it…”

Fine Art

The Philosopher

This fell from my mind. Represented here is the next generation of image manipulation. Can one say that the possibilities ride on an exponential curve? The Philosopher was created during a time when I was reading a book called: The Puzzle of Ethics.