‘What Is There In All Creation…?’

This poem is about the sky, and is written in the ABBA rhyming form. It also has four verses. Much of its content came from research.

What Is There In All Creation…?

What is there in all creation that can compare to the sky?

She, at times, can be quite calm as well as electrifying

Also sometimes conveys sadness and happiness — quite confusing

This is because she is pure and 3 times very high…”

Interesting facts about the music:

Before narration — J. S. Bach, Prelude 1 from the 48 Preludes and Fugues (C Major)

After narration — Charles Gounod, Ave Maria, based on the J. S. Bach, Prelude 1 (melody in F Major overlays the prelude in C Major).

Here is the first verse: What Is There In All Creation…?



This is a poem with a secret life:

10 verses

4 lines per verse

2 words per line (except last line)

3 syllables per line (except the sixth verse were there are 2 syllables for each of the 4 lines)

I’m sure these figures mean something to someone!


God creates

Heaven, sky

Beasts below

Feathered fly…”

The music is G. F. Handel’s majestic Sarabande: GOD CREATES