This is a poem with a secret life:

10 verses

4 lines per verse

2 words per line (except last line)

3 syllables per line (except the sixth verse were there are 2 syllables for each of the 4 lines)

I’m sure these figures mean something to someone!


God creates

Heaven, sky

Beasts below

Feathered fly…”

The music is G. F. Handel’s majestic Sarabande: GOD CREATES


‘The Sky, The Sky’

There is so much you can see in the sky; have a look and let your imagination run free! This poem is in a mono-rhythmic style with an element of comedy.

The Sky, The Sky

The sky, the sky in all its many shades of blue

Spectacled scientists tell us it has to be this hue

Much praise, I think, to them is certainly due…”

The music that accompanies this poem is J. S. Bach’s Minuet in G.

And here is the first verse: The Sky, The Sky

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‘Soaring, Soaring Higher And Higher’

This is a poem where you take flight into realms metaphysical — just sit back and enjoy the ride. It is the first poem from a book called: Soaring Higher.


Soaring, Soaring Higher And Higher

Soaring, soaring higher and higher

From here I can see for mile upon mile

Far over the seas to the horizon

Come with me and stay a while…”


The music that precedes the narration is Edvard Grieg’s Morning Mood.

For a sample of the audio, click: Soaring, Soaring Higher And Higher (verse 1, audio)