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The Societies of Photographers’ Qualifications
Photographers can gain meaningful qualifications and distinctions for their work through The Societies of Photographers.

Gaining a photography qualification/distinction gives these benefits:
More self-confidence,

A feeling of achievement,

Improvement of your financial future,

Reach higher goals,

Higher profile within the photographic industry,

Unlimited motivation

and much more…
Based upon imagery supplied in a formal submission, members can achieve:
ASICIP – Associate of The Society of International Commercial & Industrial Photographers
What The Societies of Photographers’ expect of an Associate

The notes for Licentiate submissions also apply to Associate images, but with the added requirement that we wish to see far more creative interpretation, better choice of location, more thought and faultless technique.

ASICIP Certificate

Art Review

Tom Cardew

Tom comes across as a relaxed, sometimes funny, intellectual.  His show at Tension is one of contrasts: the hung prints are subversive — a recognition of some of the Masters yet daring to be different.  This can only be discovered by both talking with him and a knowledge of art history. The flashing images on the tv monitors which were clearly pictorial yet only remaining on screen for a milli-second (by-and-large) has subliminal affects. (I can think of one international artist who has used this technique on American television). Tom’s thousands of images on the three monitors can all be viewed in eight hours and reminded me of music, or more precisely, a symphonic composition.  Again, I find you have to hear Tom talk about his concepts to get a fuller impression.  (I would also be interested to read anything he writes about his art).  Definitely one to watch. (Well, I would say that because we both share photography as a medium (at least that is what he exhibited at Tension)).

Michael Bobb BA (Hons) ARPS ASICIP


My home town of Penge is situated in South East London. From here there are easy transport links to central London (direct trains to Victoria and London Bridge train stations with less than half an hour journey time). The nearest seaside resorts are Brighton and Hastings (approximately 60 miles or so by road).

Art, literature and music are just a few areas and passions in my life that could easily absorb my time for hours on end without a second thought. The world needs more art, more literature and more music! In my estimation the government should (or should that be must!) do away with money to help trade goods and services, and replace it with another more meaningful and creative currency, namely: Art, Literature and Music!! The more it is produced, shared and enjoyed, the richer our lives will be. (Do I hear a universal, “AMEN!”)

If art be the food of love… give me excess of it

OK, I’ll contribute with an homage to my home town, Penge:

Click here for: Penge a musical/photographic tribute