But I was infatuated!…

I composed this song in 2021, earlier this year.

The Story Behind ‘Antonia’

One evening I was on a Zoom call with about a dozen other people. Some I knew from previous occasions, some new. There was a particular woman I had not seen before — her name was Antonia. She was elegant: stylish attire, clipped back brunette curly hair on one side and Queen’s english reinforcing her intelligent utterances. She must have spoken only about four sentences the entire time. But I was infatuated!

During the next week or so I started writing a poem with Antonia in mind. The intention was to include it in a poetry book. The morning after I completed it, I found that there was music in my mind to go with the words. And so, during that day I sat down at the piano and sketched out the notes on the keys. To polish off the composition, I wrote out the music on my laptop. Along the way, I decided to make the music fifty bars long — her exact age.


Before we hear the voice singing, we have an introduction that begins with a downward, calm serenity. It continues with a ‘hop-skip-and-jump’ figuration representing the gaiety of youthful love, and/or the plucking of the heart strings. Then the singer announces the object of love: “Antonia!” The song then continues with poetic flows with injections of: “Antonia!”

After the singing, we have an ascending and descending passage depicting running up the mountain (where he meets his love and sings) and the running down.

When the opening bars are repeated at the end, they take on a happy nostalgia with a softer conclusion.

For my recording of this song, click hear: Antonia

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