What Is There In All Creation…?

(Sky — part 3 of 3)

What is there in all creation that can compare to the sky?

She, at times, can be quite calm as well as electrifying

Also sometimes conveys sadness and happiness — quite confusing

This is because she is pure and 3 times very high

She has an air of nobility and quality of the highest order 

Affluence, excellence and distinction affirmative, certainly 

Royalty quickly comes to mind, yes aristocracy 

If one were to choose a gem stone it would be blue sapphire


The sky has other qualities too such as eternity

She is all optimistic and invisibly strong

The distance from here to her is never long

She is faithfully associated with Christianity

If you have confidence and a little concentration

If you aim for the sky or go beyond your limit

If you rest assured that the everlasting God is in it

Then contemplating her will satisfy the imagination


Michael Bobb

July 2018

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