Soaring, Soaring…

Soaring, soaring, higher and higher

From here I can see for mile upon mile

Far over the seas to the horizon

Come with me and stay a while

As we ride the ascending thermals

Or take advantage of the wind

All It takes is just a moment

As we leave our cares behind

No one will notice as we take our flight

Soon we will be far, far away

Where the earth has stopped spinning

And there is always the light of day

Just close your eyes and you will know

The gentle call from inside your heart 

Everyone around us won’t see a thing 

And this will be our journey’s start

Deeper and deeper, only joy exists

This vision can see the end of infinity 

Onwards and upwards the innermost calls

Can you see us, can you see?

Wave upon wave the thermals come

It’s warmth takes us further on

Effortlessly we keep on rising

Like hot air in the summer’s sun

Things past, present and future are one

A singularity where all tenses merge

The sight we have has no boundaries 

Our perspectives do not converge

A fresh wind is approaching 

Our countenance grows at the sight

There are others too in her midst

Oh what pleasure, what delight

The encounter is exhilarating 

This feeling will never ever cease

Everything physical falls away

How great this sweet release

All we feel is light

All we hear is light

All we taste is light

All we see is light

The light is all around us

The light pervades us

The light emits from us

There is nothing but light

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