High Street!!

Inside Out – Outside In

Why is that single launderette chair in the middle of the road?

And the writing inside all wrong — it’s all back-to-front!

The people who wrote those words and printed them

Can’t write or spell a thing, no they just can’t!

Those three storey buildings where people live and work

Look so small behind the seriffed lettered window

The wall mounted lampshade is just as large as one floor

Everything looks different from what I used to know

These houses fit nicely in the centre of that door mat

The numbers above one window are just like a four berth tent

And reads one penny short of twenty-five pounds

With an annual percentage rate of zero percent

People in this land are shockingly backward

Almost every single letter reads from right to left

They hang enormous clothes on motorbikes and cars

And hop on indoor buses that are not frequent

On every street junction in the middle of the road

They play darts, drink tea and eat currant buns

While sitting on chintz covered chairs at Bauhaus tables

And wave at whizzing juggernauts just for fun

The people here prefer to drive their cars inside

Even the road signs are inside on all but the ground floors

As for the trees well, they just copy the cars and the road signs

And grow quite healthily in the spacious sunny indoors

Then a car made of natural shimmering streaky speed blur

Drives straight through a glass partition and parks under a plant

What’s so amazing about this is that the glass doesn’t even break

Then flips over and points at the sky at an 80 degree slant

Look, there are more gigantic second-hand woolly jumpers

They seem to prefer gathering in sunny alfresco scenes

Just hanging there on their hangers in the middle of the street

And the cars won’t pass until they change from red to green

I really must replace these glasses with the polarised variety

Seeing everything as half-reversed and translucent is quite bizarre

When I take them off this land is more ludicrously bewildering

Then again, I’ll keep them on and apply dollops of sauce tartare

At last I’ve come to a civilised and sensible office space

Although it’s situated right in the middle of the street

I can see desks, office chairs, a photocopier, office forms

And charging elephants, wild horses, a cockatoo and a parakeet!

In one Union Jacked chippy was a spotless silver serving counter

Behind it stood a very short man in two-dimensional profile

His head was the size of an over inflated beach ball

His hair was of reversed letters, but he had a lovely smile

And even more extraordinary: a reflection reflecting itself

Now everything keeps reversing and turn turning about

Spiegel Im Spiegel melodies go round inside my head

On and on and on it goes, outside in, inside out

Can this land get any curiouser and curiouser, Alice?

Rabbit holes certainly look different from the top

I’ll examine reflections from a different perspective

By looking through them from the inside of shops

Coffee shops are decidedly best for this activity

I’ll take a pew and choose espresso — no sugar

And a large slice of crème crowned caffè latte cake

Then soon I’ll emerge from my diurnal slumber

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