Art Review

Tom Cardew

Tom comes across as a relaxed, sometimes funny, intellectual.  His show at Tension is one of contrasts: the hung prints are subversive — a recognition of some of the Masters yet daring to be different.  This can only be discovered by both talking with him and a knowledge of art history. The flashing images on the tv monitors which were clearly pictorial yet only remaining on screen for a milli-second (by-and-large) has subliminal affects. (I can think of one international artist who has used this technique on American television). Tom’s thousands of images on the three monitors can all be viewed in eight hours and reminded me of music, or more precisely, a symphonic composition.  Again, I find you have to hear Tom talk about his concepts to get a fuller impression.  (I would also be interested to read anything he writes about his art).  Definitely one to watch. (Well, I would say that because we both share photography as a medium (at least that is what he exhibited at Tension)).

Michael Bobb BA (Hons) ARPS ASICIP

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