Wrynose Pass

I’m on my way back to my lodgings

Not long, I hope, ‘till I’m safely back

I set the SatNav and follow its commands

It’s getting darker and will soon be pitch black

Directions take me along an unexpected route

There’s no street lights as I travel

And low clouds hide stars and moon

No cats eyes either, just miles of gravel

The SatNav tells me the way to go

You can trust its internal compass

They map out the quickest route

Then I hear it say, “Continue 9 miles on Wrynose Pass”

Car 2
Very near Devoke Water

“Oh no!” I anxiously think to myself

“Wasn’t there an accident not far from here

Traffic was redirected for quite a few miles

Oh dear… oh dear… oh dear!”

Wrynose Pass is famously challenging

It is not a cruise down Oxford Street

It takes precision, technique and nerves of steel

To navigate this part of the Cumbrian retreat

The road is steep, winding and narrow

You could end up down a fell that feeds a lake

Your first mistake on Wrynose Pass

Will be the last one you ever make

Suddenly I’m becoming more and more aware,

Not making the bumps and holes set the tone,

Wrynose Pass is not defeating me;

My driving is fearless, I’m in the zone

SatNav shows Wrynose Pass

Although it is virtually pitch black now

And other headlights are in the chase

This I know, yes, 100% sure

I’m in front and setting the pace

Before I know it the terrain is less severe

And tailgate headlights are almost gone

This is not the time to relax or disengage

It’s just me, you see, I’m travelling alone

I turn the last bend, pull up and switch off

I now feel promoted to a new class

I step out of the car and lock the door

No victims tonight in Wrynose Pass

Michael Bobb

21 August 2017

2 thoughts on “Wrynose Pass

    1. 😊 Thanks ever so much Angie. Yes, Wrynose Pass does exist and I’ve journeyed it many times. Ambleside in the Lake District is probably the nearest fair-sized town to the Pass. According to YouTube, it is one of two roads in the UK that requires more than a pedestrian approach (to put it mildly). Thirty-five years ago I thought nothing of it, but driving it at night a couple of years ago inspired this poem.

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