The Sky, The Sky

(Sky — part 1 of 3)

The sky, the sky in all its many shades of blue

Spectacled scientists tell us it has to be this hue

Much praise, I think, to them is certainly due

This first poem is dedicated to someone called Huw

A special, dear and loyal friend who has a pet ewe

And I reckon he could be the next Doctor Who

When I am out and about sometimes I stand (as you do)

Or indoors and pass by a window and look through

I look at the sky, so infinite, so harmonious, so true

I have experienced the sky, and to use words would be words too few

The first and second heavens disappear as I flew

And I discover a place I know but never knew

In this trilogy one more poem follows part two

Then these three will bid you, “farewell, goodbye, adieu”

Leaving you to look at the sky and enjoy the view

Clouds – What do see?

Michael Bobb

July 2018

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