Avril’s New Car

When winter comes or comes the rain

Must she rely on bus or train

Or could total independence be her aim?

Whatever the reason, whatever the vein

She had decided, “never again!”

For horses she has bought without their manes

Some call it a car, some call it a wain

Cause SAAB Automobile is its name

As she speeds down the road on the inside lane

With the metal horses she struggles to tame

She almost takes off like a jet aeroplane!

And I hear her friends repeat the heightened refrain

“Look out, it’s that supersonic Avril again

A petrol head with high octane on the brain!”

Using her skill she avoids the bus and the crane

With a hand break turn that is far from plain 

Then, one day, her car begins to complain

A flat battery, worn clutch — oh what a pain

And escalating running costs she cannot explain

On her pocket this is an unforeseen drain

Whatever the hardship, whatever the strain

Avril’s enthusiasm does not dwindle or wane

The love for her car is absolute and it shall remain

And so shall the queen of the highways reign

Michael Bobb

May 2019

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