The Ultimate Renewed Environment

At the end of time

When the new order has begun

And everything as we know it

Has been changed in the twinkling of an eye

And the elements have been burned up

Incinerated in a pure cleansing fire

And after the great conflagration

The cosmos that is left will be perfect

We will dance on streets of transparent gold

Bathe in a crystal river that is full of joy

Eat new fruit from a new special tree

And see with light not from the sun but The Son

The gravity inherent in nature and matter

Will be controlled at one’s own will

Even infinity will be multiplied by itself

And we will explore, and explore, and explore

…No longer will we recycle…

…No longer will we re-use…

…No longer will we conserve…

…No longer will we repair…

…And this will be for longer

Than anyone can calculate or imagine

Michael Bobb

January, 2019

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