Just think for a moment and consider the mountains and the life on those mountains.  The different shapes and sizes of each and every mountain and what constitutes them.  The different types and shapes of trees, vegetation and delicate flowers, and, of cause, their proximity to each other.  The different species of animals and insects that live on the mountains…

Consider the sky with its different shades of blue, white and grey, and the phenomenon of the rainbow when it rains.  How could one not forget a gorgeous sunset with its spectacular hues.  And how about the air in your lungs — could you be living without it…?

Consider the oceans and how important the water cycle is to life.  Also, the unique life within this submerged world.  We need to respect the power of the sea and look after its purity.  Can you imagine a world where there was no water…?

Consider the seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter.  Observe their interdependence and how one flows into the other for 365 and a 1/4 days every year…

Consider light.  Particle and wave.  Can anything replace light?  Have you ever thought about the light of the sun as it shines by day and the light of the moon and stars as they illuminate the night?  Have you ever travelled at the same speed of a photon?  If you did, what would go through your mind if something faster overtook you?  What about the many colours of the visual spectrum?  And, going beyond this range, the other frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum that humans cannot normally detect without the aid of instruments or equipment…?

Consider gravity.  What if it could be turned off?  And if it could, would anything physical maintain its form?  Would the planetary orbits of the solar system — even the very structure of the universe — be maintained as we currently know it…?

Consider love.  The most powerful force and feeling in the entire universe…

Consider time…

Consider God, the One who created all things.  God sustains the mountains, floras and faunas, the sky, the clouds, the rainbow, the sunsets, the oceans and all that depend on them, the seasons, light and its source including the colours of the visible spectrum, the invisible spectrum, the laws of gravity, time, life and love.

The fool says in his heart, “There is no God” (Psalm ch 14, v 1).  Equally, one could truly state with emphasis, that the intelligent says in his heart, “There is a God”.

Michael Bobb

October 2018

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