My Peace

🍊  Before my eyes open in the morning

      At the instance of submerging from sleep

      Even before I am aware of anything external

      I experience something so powerful and so deep


🍋  My eye lids slowly open from their rest

      And I extend one arm to test the air

      Whatever my sense of touch detects

      My internal peace is always there


🍌  It’s the start of a brand new day

      I rise and prepare for its future

      Knowing this peace will not be fazed

      Because it is an inexhaustible treasure


🍉  To try and explain its presence in me

      Would be like trying to describe the indescribable

      You have to be inside my skin to know

      And that would be impossible


🍇  This peace is from God and it guards me

      Jesus left it here 2000 years ago

      The first to have it were the Disciples

      A special gift which you can know


🍓  Sometimes you can see it in my eyes

      Or hear it behind my voice

      It has something of eternal life in it

      And inwardly I choose to rejoice


🍈  All pain is denied at the door

      Situations and circumstances cannot penetrate

      Man tries but cannot touch this core

      Peace is always early and never late


🍒  When the day turns into history

      And I retire in the evening in peace.

      I rest sweetly on my cosy pillow

      And withdraw my arm back under the sheets


🍑  I gently close my eyes and rest

      And before long I’m fast asleep

      God has been faithful today

      His gift of peace is mine to keep


🍍  This heavenly gift I received was free

      And you can have it with ease

      Give Jesus Christ your entire life

      In return He’ll give you eternal peace


Click here for ‘My Peace’ (A musical poem)

Michael Bobb

September 2018

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