A Natural Virtuoso!

Just a few words I’ve penned over tea

That I hope will warm your heart and bless

Who in all the wide-world could it be?

An appreciative music lover no less

Keep on practicing the art and playing

Scales, broken chords and the arpeggio

And soon the classical fraternity will be saying

She is, without doubt, a natural virtuoso!

Her recordings are transcendent and evocative

The CDs in you hifi will transform your day

Listen to the exquisiteness from octave to octave

Gently close your eyes and be carried far away

BWV 565

In her playing are ravishing splendid moments

Her touch cannot be in any way surpassed

Every bar conveys consistent commitment

The notes she floats in your ears will last

Her filigree technique is flawless

The critics say, “100% panache”

The interpretations are understated yet fresh

Crescendos have plenty of style and dash

Her concert hall performances causes stomping

She charms the keyboard with unfailing eloquence

Box offices are sold out within hours of opening

The experience is worth more than pounds and pence

Fur Elise

Her lasting impression you cannot erase

Whatever the chosen style or enharmonic keys

Stay and linger on every dripping phrase

Oh the aural delight as she caresses the keys

Unforgettable is the rarefied pianistic alchemy

I’m captivated by this musical don

Aficionados far and wide all plea

“If music be the food of love play on”

John Broadwood Piano



Michael Bobb

August  2018

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